Supports Apple Silicon Chip, macOS 11+

Frequently asked questions

You can manage your licenses, extend seats and remove devices through our License Manager.

TinyWeb is a native application. We are using Swift, Objective-C for OSX.

⌘ + P : Enter any content: url, file path, json/xml/html content.
⌘ + R : Reload page.
⌘ + ← : Go to previous page.
⌘ + → : Go to next page.
⌘ + ⌥ + I: Switch between Raw and Body.

After 1 year, you can continue using TinyWeb without any limitations but you can't upgrade to the latest version. If you want to upgrade, you must renew the license, the renewal fee is much cheaper than buying a new one.

Checkout the changelogs at macOS version. If you have any questions, feedback or requests for new features, don't hesitate to contact the Team on TinyWeb's GitHub issues tracking Your feedback is highly appreciated and it will help us to improve TinyWeb.

No, we don't and we will never sync any user data to our cloud. Please see our privacy and TOS for the details.